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What is slow fashion?

by admin 05 Oct 2021

What is Slow Fashion?

Have you been hearing the term slow fashion being thrown around lately? You’ve definitely heard fast fashion before! Let’s talk about what the two are and how slow fashion is the way forward.

Fast Fashion – What is it?

Despite its name, fast fashion is not so much about speed, but involves mass-production and selling large amounts of products to make more money.

Fast fashion garments are produced at cheap rates and are often of poor quality.

Not only does fast fashion have high environmental impacts, cycling through large amounts of water, dye, oil and chemicals, it also has high social impacts.

The people employed to produce fast fashion products work in harsh conditions. Often, people work in factories with no ventilation, breathing in toxic fumes, and being paid unfair wages.

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is an increasingly popular alternative to fast fashion.

Acontinuation of sustainable fashion, slow fashion works to ensure fair working conditions and less environmental harm.

Brands that participate in creating slow fashion are those that source quality materials, manufacture locally, produce on a smaller scale, and have fair treatment for their employees.

How are we approaching slow fashion?

Here at Paddington Coats, we are conscious of ensuring quality products, produced at a slower rate to ensure fair treatment and a less severe impact.

Many of our products are produced with Italian wool. Wool is a renewable, biodegradable product that decomposes easier than other synthetic materials.

Our coats and jackets are produced locally in Brunswick, creating job opportunities within the local community.

Compared to larger retailers, our coats and jackets are produced at a slower rate, to create a smaller product line to avoid mass production and unnecessary wastage of materials and resources.

What can you do that is more slow fashion?

Buy more timeless pieces and consume less. Purchasing coats and jackets that will outlast trends is a great way to become more sustainable with your fashion purchases.

Choose well. Do your research and choose good quality pieces made from sustainable materials.

Make it last. One of the best things you can do for your clothes is to care for them properly. Make sure you always read the care instructions on the label to ensure you’re washing and drying at proper temperature.

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