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Is Faux Fur Real Fur?

by admin 23 Sep 2021

Is Faux Fur Real Fur?

Have you ever wondered just what your coat is made of? Well, here at Paddington, we’ve done our research to answer your burning questions about Faux Fur vs Real Fur!

What is Faux Fur?

First, let’s explore what faux fur really is.

Faux fur, also known as fake fur, is a synthetic fabric made from a blend of acrylic and polyester fibres.

Developed in the mid 1950s, faux fur was produced from acrylic polymers as a replacement for alpaca hair.

Faux fur is a popular alternative for real fur in the fashion industry, found in many garments and accessories, like one of our favourites, Jen – Faux Fur Collar Women’s Coat.

Is Faux Fur Real Fur?

You may be asking yourself whether faux fur is the same as real fur.

Faux fur is not real fur.

Faux fur is manmade, meaning no animals are harmed in the process. As it is manmade, it can be manufactured in any colour, styles, weight, and thickness that you can imagine!Just take a look at our beautiful Faux – Women’s Cape featuring a gorgeous light colour faux fur.

Not only is it more ethical than real fur, but it is also more affordable, easier to care for and sustainable.

How can you tell the Difference?

In the last decade, the New York Times, reported major retailers were found to be selling real fur that they had mislabelled as faux fur.

So, how can you tell the difference between which is real, and which is faux? Let us give you a few tips.


Price, unfortunately, is no longer a good indication as to whether a garment or accessory has real fur. Small pieces of real fur can be sold at deceptively low prices as pom pomaccessories, or as coat trimmings, for example.

Luckily, there is another easy way to distinguish between the two.

The Look of the Fur

While they may look similar to the untrained eye, here are a few hints to help you spot real and faux fur!

The tips of real fur tend to have pointed ends and are generally mismatched sizes.

Faux fur, however, is blunt at the tip due to the way they have been cut during the manufacturing process. The backing of faux fur, as well, is a giveaway. Faux fur will have a woven backing and tends to be more uniform in appearance due to its manufacture.

Storing Faux Fur

Faux fur is a lot easier to maintain than real fur, post-purchase.

Unlike real fur, faux fur does not require specific storage. Real fur needs to be stored in a cold, dry place to prevent deterioration. Faux fur, however, can be easily stored in your wardrobe and is not as prone to deterioration.

The Answer

No, faux fur is not real fur. Faux fur is a more ethical and sustainable choice than real fur! At Paddington Coats, we areproud of our gorgeous Faux Fur coats!

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