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The Style Guide: Puffer Jackets

by admin 30 Mar 2021

Puffer Jackets are a closet essential - especially in Melbourne! This jacket is able to retain heat and keep you warm, while also being the perfect type of jacket to create a fashionable but casual look. 

This jacket is a trend to look out for in Australia as the cooler days are creeping up! So far, its been worn and styles by influencers and celebrities across the globe. 

Paddington Coats Puffer Jacket  

To achieve this look we have so many puffer jackets available that will keep you up to date with this hot trend.

The Paddington Coats Liv puffer jacket is the perfect essential. Its

lightweight, water resistant and can stylish. 

Shop Now to see our whole range of Puffer jackets - We're sure you'll find something you'll love 

Womans Liv Puffer Jacket

Until next time,

Paddington Coats 

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