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Are wool coats warmer than down?

by vbd dev 03 Aug 2023

Are wool coats warmer than down?

Coats often last us a few years, so when it’s time to buy a new one it can be overwhelming weighing up all the options.

Two popular styles of coat are wool and down. People often wonder: are wool coats warmer than down?

The answer is that you need to find the right product for your lifestyle!

Down coats such as our Down Women’s Puffer Jacket can easily fit in your tote or handbag when not in use and offer great wind protection, perfect for a trip down to the shops!

While our winter wool coats just like our Duffle - Hooded 3/4 Length Women's Coat is perfect for a versatile look! It can be chucked on top of your casual day attire or styled with a dressy outfit.

We hope we’ve answered some questions about what coat may be right for you. At Paddington Coats we’ve been helping people from around the world for over 30 years find the best style for them. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help finding your prefect coat!

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