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Are Puffer Jackets Warm?

by vbd dev 03 Aug 2023

Are Puffer Jackets Warm?

What is a Puffer?

Puffer jackets are insulated jackets that come in many unique designs, level of warmth, and style. Puffers are typically bought for style and are an ideal travel option.

Let’s find out a bit more about them and which is right for you!

How do Puffers Work?

Puffer jackets were first made in the 1930s, following a freezing fishing trip. Using goose feathers and criss-cross stitching, the first puffer jacket was made.

Two layers of fabric are sewn together with insulating “fluff” between them. Often these layers are waterproof materials that trap air that holds your warmth without being too bulky.

The “fluff” within puffer jackets can be feathers or non-animal materials like polyester or other recycled fibres for a more sustainable, ethical alternative.

To be short, a puffer jacket acts like a Thermos around your body.

Which Puffer is the One for You?

Feather Puffers

If you’re looking for a puffer to keep you warm, a feather puffer may be the one for you! Feather, also called ‘Down’, puffers are the warmest for cold winters.

Trapping feathers between two layers of fabric creates a fantastic insulator.

The fluffiness of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets, trapping air and retaining heat to keep you warm!Some of our favourites are:


Looking for something a little more lightweight? Consider an ultralight puffer.

Ultralight puffers are great for hiking and can be taken anywhere. These puffers are easy to pack as you can easily compress air out of them! Some of our favourites are:


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