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Why Everyone in Melbourne Needs a Coat

by admin 25 Nov 2020

Melbourne, Victoria is renowned for its four seasons in one day.

One day it could be hot and sunny and you can finally put out that cute summer dress you've been dying to wear. The next day, long and behold, its cold and raining and out comes your coat.

This is why Paddington coats believes that every Melbournian should own a coat no matter the season.

With Christmas in mind, here are some woman coats that make the perfect gift for your loved ones from Melbourne or colder regions.

Paddington Coats is a family run business who ensures all their products are made with plenty of love and care. That means when purchasing our product as a gift, you're not only supporting a local business but your loved ones will receive a coat that will last them a lifetime. 

The Woman's Short Cashmere Cape is perfect to wear on those days that aren't super hot but also not super cold. Its loose fit and shorter sleeves makes it a breathable coat that can be put over whatever you're wearing. Made with Italian Cashmere Wool, this woman's coat is made of the finest quality materials. It also comes in an extensive range of colours to suit anyones needs.

Another great gift is the Woman's Biker Leather Jacket. This jacket is extremely stylish and slick and is suitable for woman of all ages. This jacket can be paired over almost anything and is a must have addition to any wardrobe. This jacket also comes in a range of unique colours for those wanting to go beyond your basic black. 

We hope some of these suggestions have helped you in your hunt fro Christmas ideas. WIth our extended return policy over the Christmas season, you can ensure your loved ones will own a coat they love! 

All the best,

Paddington Coats

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