What is slow fashion?

5th Oct 2021

What is Slow Fashion?Have you been hearing the term slow fashion being thrown around lately? You’ve definitely heard fast fashion before! Let’s talk about what the two are and how slow fashion is the … read more

​Is Faux Fur Real Fur?

23rd Sep 2021

Is Faux Fur Real Fur?Have you ever wondered just what your coat is made of? Well, here at Paddington, we’ve done our research to answer your burning questions about Faux Fur vs Real Fur!What is Faux F … read more
Are Puffer Jackets Warm?

Are Puffer Jackets Warm?

6th Sep 2021

Are Puffer Jackets Warm?What is a Puffer?Puffer jackets are insulated jackets that come in many unique designs, level of warmth, and style. Puffers are typically bought for style and are an ideal trav … read more

Mens wool coats Australia

1st Jun 2021

A wool coat is a must-have in every wardrobe. Mens wool coats come in many different fits and styles, so we are here to help you find the best one to suit you.There are many great mens wool coats here … read more
The Style Guide: Puffer Jackets

The Style Guide: Puffer Jackets

Posted by Paddington Coats on 30th Mar 2021

Puffer Jackets are a closet essential - especially in Melbourne! This jacket is able to retain heat and keep you warm, while also being the perfect type of jacket to create a fashionable but casual lo … read more